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The Vibrant & Visible Face of Bisbee's Creative Soul

Bisbee is the type of place that feeds your soul and helps you rediscover passions and creativity within yourself. Why is Bisbee known as a place that sparks these feelings?

Arts and culture are what make a sense of place. Spend some time in Bisbee's Arts and Culture District to see what catches your attention and brings forth that tinge of excitement, stimulating your senses and sparking inspiration.

What is an Arts & Culture District?

Arts & culture districts are defined as well-recognized, labeled areas of a city in which a high concentration of cultural facilities & programs serve as the main anchor of attraction.

They help strengthen local economies, create an enhanced sense of place, and deepen local cultural capacity. The Bisbee Arts and Culture District was founded to identify and help support creative opportunities, offer funding support

for nonprofits, and more.

Cultural Facilities

Curious about where to find some of Bisbee's culture? Visit any number of the multiple cultural facilities in the District. There are a variety of museums, galleries, studios, as well as entertainment venues listed on our cultural facilities page.

Programs and Events

Bisbee is known for having unusual, offbeat and creative events and programs. There's a diverse range of unique experiences taking place every month. Check into our programs page to see plan on attending the next special event.

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