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Artist in Residence programs in Bisbee

Object Limited artist residency

Through this program, Object Limited provides selected artists and writers a private, light-flooded studio as well as complete living accommodations within the building, PR support, and an opportunity to share completed and in-progress work with the local and larger Southern Arizona community. We encourage 4-week residences as we’ve found that this is the ideal amount of time to acclimate to the environment, meaningfully engage with the community, reach effective studio rhythm, and, most importantly, produce in-depth work. However, applicants may select their ideal time frame between 2 and 4 weeks. Learn more here


Central School Project visiting artist program

Since 2009, CSP has invited artists to come work in Bisbee through our Visiting Artist Program. We love being a conduit for cultural exchange and artists love coming to work here in our facility. The program was founded on a loose guideline that the artists’ work consider and incorporates our community and/or our location here in the southeast Arizona desert. They get a studio and an opportunity to share their practice through workshops, exhibitions, events, and presentations. CSP has hosted painters, a printmaker, performance artists, sound artists filmmakers, sound artists and cross disciplinary artists. Learn more here

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