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Our Core Values

  • We embrace our arts and cultural heritage and celebrate our future

  • We encourage an enduring historical sense of place

  • We cherish a strong sense of belonging

  • We channel our creative energy through active community participation

  • We support entrepreneurial spirit

  • We cultivate binational cooperation

  • We welcome tolerance and diversity


The Bisbee Arts & Culture District Committee connects our rich cultural heritage that made our community the vibrant place it is with renewed economic vitality


  • Attract a binational and regional audience of residents, visitors, and businesses and encourage a vibrant mix of uses, spaces, and activities

  • Protect and grow the arts and culture of the City

  • Celebrate and enhance the unique identity of the City

  • Promote a creative economy

  • Add and protect affordable options for creative people to work and live

  • Ensure the district is an inclusive place for everybody

  • Serve as a resource to promote creative productivity


can assist you by:

  • Providing marketing opportunities

  • Disseminating information

  • Opening nonprofit funding doors

  • Supporting creative opportunities

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